Who are we?

Family owned

We are a family owned business that started in 2013, After a decade in the construction industry our owner Halil Sofuoglu formed Victorious Paving & Construction to provide homeowners with with their dream landscapes. What makes us unique at Victorious Paving & Construction is that even though we are a small unit we have the equipment and abilities of many big contractors, unlike the big guys you can always count on someone in charge being on site making sure no corners are cut on your project. We have a personal attachment with every project we complete this will show in our workmanship and in our service even long after your project is complete. 

Extraordinary Experiences

We make it easy for our customers everything is laid out prior to the start of the project so that everyone knows the work to be done so that there are no misunderstandings. A contract will outline everything in detail giving you a piece of mind.

Many of our new customers have heard about us through their friends or family or have seen our projects in their neighbourhoods. For us this is the ultimate compliment.

Our Core Values